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Happy 2023 to all our dear friends, gardeners, farmers, & dreamers!

As we reflect on 2022, in a true collaborative spirit, we are sharing a small offering from each person who contributes to growing, cleaning, and shipping seeds, is behind all the continually ingenious and innovative ideas, and shows up with laughter, thoughtfulness, and love in all they do.

Crystine: The true intention in growing and sharing these seeds is that they become both actual nourishment for your body and symbols of connection, collaboration, rejuvenation, and adaptation in body, mind, and spirit. I always lean into joy and curiosity while remaining focused on learning about and changing the systems that inhibit justice. Growing and sharing seeds symbolizes a radical commitment to embodied joy and a commitment to dismantling historical and contemporary oppression and injustice. Share what you have! Build a bigger table! Remember and celebrate your connection to and place in this beautiful world!

Brian: My hope has always been that, in this work, seeds will be a force of connectivity in our world. An opportunity to learn about and from one another, a way to connect with the cycles of the seasons and our places, and a way to connect our past and future with our present selves. Seed work brought me to Italy this fall, and contextualizing varieties of seeds I already knew and love in their communities and places of origin (or at least their most recent waystations!) left me with new friendships, an expanded community, and a rich spirit of camaraderie. May our seeds, gardens and stories fill that space in our lives, bridging distances to bring us closer to community.

Bre: As the days lengthen, I’m marinating on the theme of rejuvenation. How to lean on the weathered bark of experience as vibrant new growth brews within us. Allowing that bark to crack, just a little, to make space for something new. And as new tendrils emerge and reach for the sun, what ways can we intertwine and lift each other up?

Rio: In a world that can be rife with so much uncertainty, seeds provide me with a groundedness rooted in hope. Seeds are our ancient teachers, patient, enduring, adapting; each single seed birthing miracles all around us!

Scott: I love the work of the growing season and being in the field. But to be filling customers orders with so much potential is special in its own way. I’m always curious what awaits each order shipped and the stories, memories, experiences a seed may start. Happy growing, think about the way.


In the office, as we’re packing your orders, we are often curious about your farms & gardens… wondering about the continuing stories of these seeds; the lessons they’ll teach, the food they’ll provide to so many tables, and envisioning the joy they’ll bring to you all! Please share!

PS: We’ve got loads of seeds, friends! Really. We worked so hard this summer, & so did all those we are lucky to have on board as our Growers. So, don’t go panic buying thinking you need to stock up for an inevitable shortage. Some things will invariably sell out but most will not. Let’s begin this new year with abundance & co-creation based on sharing, collaboration, & cooperation. Also, if you buy too many seeds you don’t need, they will suffer in storage & We Will Know. So, Stop Yourself! AND best of all, if you REALLY, REALLY, cannot stop yourself from overbuying, may we direct you to our “Grow It Forward” option. Here you may buy any amount of packets and/or a 5-packet bundle(s) to share your abundance of money and/or kind spirit & recognition that we are all best when we are all cared for. You buy the seeds, and we ship the 5-packet Seasonal Garden Bundle to someone who may not otherwise have a garden. Simple. Thank you for your generous spirit!

Seed shipping will be limited to only the United States & Canada. Please check our landing page to see how far out shipping is. We use USPS to ship our orders. They have been working overtime for years and still experience periodic delays. Be Patient. After decades of growing, we have come to realize that A) There’s often more leeway than we think, B) The weather will probably surprise us, & C) Lovely friends, neighbors & acquaintances may just have extra to share & you probably will too. A grand opportunity to make some new friends!

Deep breaths all around.
Thank you for joining us in this Joyous Uprising!
We are so happy that you’re here.
Brian, Crystine, farm kids: Rowan & Meira, Rio, Bre, Jesse, Scott
  • Jan 12, 2023
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