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Happy 2024 to all our dear friends, gardeners, farmers, & dreamers!

As we look back at 2023 and forward into 2024, we do so with the profound understanding that each moment is an opportunity to begin anew. Who needs to hear this? Who needs to hear that remembering and remaking ourselves in the spirit of connection is nourishing movement, no matter how small? How we diminish ourselves and this animate world is only an illusion. Othering, that pesky societal pimple only works if there exists some norm we are all striving toward—one outside of altruism. And altruism, redefined, would embody the underlying certainty of connection, thereby becoming automatic and precognitive, an automatic precognitive norm (like breathing) of delighting in connection, cooperation, and collective care. What in the world does this have to do with seeds, you say?! How will this help me know which tomato will swoop me back into sensory memory? How will all this talk of collective connection being the pathway toward care and justice and the antithesis to othering, war, and all awful things help me know when to sow my flower seeds, how tall the plants may grow, how much fruit they will yield per 300 feet 5’ on-center raised beds?! How indeed friends, how indeed.
We know many of you have become used to our ramblings, our constant leaning as plants toward the sunlight, our meanderings around all the ways to say: love each other, damn it! All the ways to express the realization that we are nourished in relationship with one another. All the ways to tell the same story, which is that stories are always the same because and absolutely because they are forever different, forever changing. That is where the pearl lies—not hidden—an ocean of pearls. An ocean of stories in the same sea, shouting, listen already!
So, there you have it. Talk to one another. L I S T E N. Share stories, meals, songs, grief, laughter, art, resistance, collaboration, and music again and again and again. Let it become reflexive. We’ll all be amazed at what we remember and learn, how we grow, and what flowers and fruits we bear (Rawr!).
We have seeds, too. True. Browse the site and delight in your dreams. Make them a tangible reality. But here’s a secret: the seeds are not just seeds, not production inputs or things to hoard away in vaults. They are little fires, and there is much to burn down. It can be overwhelming, yes, but when we walk together, leaving a wide swath of small fires in our wake, there is cleared fertile ground for new seeds to sprout.
Give us a call if you’d like to share something, have a question, or just want to shout “Hello!”. Because if there’s one thing (and there most certainly is not) we love, it’s the reminder that each seed takes root (there’s rot in that word, so take care, eh? However, do try not to worry too much. All things are rooted in all other things. Neither created nor destroyed. Always changing form…still, tomatoes are lovely to harvest, share, and eat!). With all the endless entangled variables, we are also pretty sure that you know just enough to get and give and live and dream and show up. Right now.

Until Spring reminds us that we are SEEDS…

Deep breaths all around, from the plants to you (literally).

Thank you for joining us in this Joyous Uprising! We are so happy that you’re here.

Brian, Crystine, farm kids: Rowan & Meira, Rio, Bre, Jesse, Jamie, Anais


PS: There is enough for everyone. We worked so hard this summer, & so did all those we are lucky to have on board as our Growers. That old supply and demand scarcity model that drives capitalism and thrives under the control of a few is quite outdated, and honestly, we are all more thoughtful than this and well-adapted to sharing resources in a truly collaborative spirit. Don’t fall for it, intelligent and compassionate humans! No need to compete for seeds! We can all decide what is valuable and choose community connection and care. It’s true some things will invariably sell out, but most will not. Let’s begin 2024 with our hearts and souls intact and our visions popping out to say “Hello!” and take root in this animate world, with is, after all, where we live and woven into our very being. Also (and we say this on repeat), if you buy too many seeds you don’t need, they will suffer in storage & We Will Know. So, Stop Yourself! AND best of all, if you REALLY, REALLY, cannot stop yourself from overbuying, may we direct you to our “Grow It Forward” option. Here, you may buy any number of packets and/or a 5-packet bundle(s) to share your abundance with the recognition that excellence is inherent and collective care means we are all worthy and deserving of such care. You buy the seeds, and we ship the 5-packet Seasonal Garden Bundle to someone who may not otherwise have a garden. Simple. Thank you for your generous spirit!
Seed shipping will be limited to only the United States & Canada. Please check our landing page to see how far out shipping is. We use USPS to ship our orders. They have been working overtime for years and still experience periodic delays. Be Patient. After decades of growing, we have come to realize that A) There’s often more leeway than we think, B) Not only can we not control the weather, it will probably surprise us, & C) Lovely friends, neighbors & acquaintances may just have extra to share & you probably will too. Gardening is a grand opportunity to make some new friends!


*artwork by Francesca Ballarini (IG @ioenina)

  • Jan 14, 2024
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