Zinnia, 'Queen Red Lime'

(Zinnia elegans) Our love affair with zinnias began long ago when we were market farmers. Back then we were the only ones to bring huge buckets of the brightly flaming flowers to market. We owned their gaudiness and loved it. Today the love affair continues and, as love affairs do, has evolved. Still in love with the bright screamers and now also in love with the quiet and subtle tones although I’m not sure Queen Red Lime would totally count as subdued! The bright pink center is cooled by the next pale green petals that fade into pale pinks. Ever evolving, these zinnias change colors as they mature and range from dark to light antique pinks. Double, semi-double and rarely single blooms on long cutting stems. Give them space. Ours grew at least 3.5’tall and bushy. Cut them often and they will bloom until hard frost.
75-85 days. UO, WG

Packet: 75 seeds

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