Zinnia, 'Benary's Giant Mix'

(Zinnia elegans) We liken the subtlety of this big doubled zinnia mix to a *fabulous* sequined mini-dress! Your eyes will be riveted to their gorgeousness, their vortex leaving you breathless. At 3-4’ tall, 2-3’ wide with 3-6” blooms, they will continue to stun you until frost. Pinching back the first 3" when your plants are around 12" tall will result in more growing stems per plant, longer flower stems and even more abundant blooms. If you keep cutting them, they will bloom continuously! We suspect the original mix is a blend of separately maintained individual color types. Ours (similar to our “Anarchy”) is a hybridized population of all of them allowed to cross freely, so there will be some lovely surprises! Enjoy these beauties in your garden knowing that if you cut them they'll look great in a vase upwards of 7-10 days.
75-85 days. WO

Packet: 75 seeds

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Growing Info


Sow indoors 4 weeks before your last frost.

Transplant out after danger of frost.

Direct sow after last frost.

Note: Take care to keep plants from becoming root-bound and be very gentle when transplanting. If desired, you may sow/transplant every 2 weeks for production flower farming.




9-12" in rows 1.5-2' apart.


3-7 days @ soil temp 75-85F


Full sun to part shade


Medium. Tolerant to most soil types but prefers rich, evenly mosit soil with a pH between 6.0-7.


While not absolutely necessary, you may provide a staking or netting to keep them upright and tidy.

Be gentle with the roots when transplanting to avoid stress that can cause more single (as opposed to doubled) flowers.

To encourage branching, pinch initial bud when 12" tall.

Zinnias appreciate some cooler time and/or shade.

Continue to cut and deadhead and the plant will be wildly floriferous!

Stiff cut stems have a 7+ day vase life.