Winter Squash, 'Burpee's Butterbush'

(C. moschata) This is an important entrant in the short-season butternut category. Many of us in the cooler north, who cannot mature the classic Waltham types are always on the lookout for a reliable shorter season producer. We think Butterbush will fit the bill. Very compact bushes are a boon to space constrained gardeners, but these deliver full sized yields even for the field grower. Medium 2-4lb fruit with moist, sweet, deep orange flesh of excellent quality, rich taste, and a tiny seed cavity (and seed yield we must say!). The best tasting, most productive and most brilliant orange butternut we've ever grown in northern climes (it is shades darker than the website photo). We are working with grower Ben Yohai of Wandering Fields Farm in Southern Oregon to breed out a small percentage (less than 5%) of plants bearing fruits with elongated, thinner necks (but which retain excellent eating quality).
95-100 days. WF

Packet: 20 seeds

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