Watermelon, 'Blacktail Mountain'

Since we first started farming in Northwest WA over 15 years ago, we've had our share of dismally wet non-summers and while the idea of watermelon was not necessarily enticing on a 50 degree harvest day in the pouring rain, such conditions are the true test for hot weather crops in cool climate conditions. I can honestly say we have eaten our share of these watermelons every year we have grown them, regardless of what conditions the season threw our way. Icebox sized 4-8lb melons are very early and sweet with few seeds. Your best shot at a ripe red watermelon in our climate. Developed by Glenn Drowns, owner of the Sand Hill Preservation Center, in the late '70s. Deliciously sweet and refreshing for those late-summer days.
70-75 days. TR

Packet: 25 seeds


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