Verbascum, 'Arctic Summer'

(Verbascum bombyciferum) Sometimes known as ‘Turkish Mullein’, this might be a top-ten garden plant for us. Native to the mountains of Greece, (and presumably Turkey?) it is a textbook of elegance in plant architecture. Huge rosettes of grey-green leaves and its subsequent flower spikes are covered in a thick, wooly white fuzz, hence the name ‘Arctic Summer’. The narrow spikes branch and grow to towering heights (7-8’ for us) covered in golden blooms like a giant willowy candelabra. The sight of a cluster of these gently swaying in the breeze is a wonder to behold. A fantastic and unique element for cut arrangements, it is guaranteed to tickle any admirer of the botanical world. Bees love them.
Short-lived perennial blooms the second year and thereafter. UO

Packet: 100 seeds

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