Tomato, 'Super Luscious'

AKA Super Lakota. We've been working with this seed for over a decade now and decided it was high time to change the name. As far as we've researched the original breeding has nothing to do with the Lakota Nation and enough indigenous names have been co-opted for marketing purposes. This tomato is super luscious, juicy and mouthwatering so, Super Luscious it is!
This has been our standard red summer slicer tomato for about as long as we’ve grown a garden. A reliable producer of delicious 8-10 oz mid-sized fruit. Strong sturdy plants and blemish-free fruit with great balanced heirloom flavor keep us going strong with this variety. While these grow with even more gusto in a greenhouse, we are already overwhelmed with how prolific they are field-grown! Excellent productive variety with market potential. Fresh eating and cannot go wrong! Indeterminate. 80-85 days. UO

Packet: 30-35 seeds

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Growing Info


Sow 4-7 weeks before your last frost date.

Transplant out after danger of frost (50+F nighttime temps).

Note: Don't start too early or plants will be leggy and root-bound! Tomatoes do well in clay to loam soils. 




18" spacing in rows 5' apart.


10-14 days @ soil temp 70-85F


Full sun


Medium-Heavy. Prefers well-drained, well-balanced fertile soil with a pH between 6.0-7.5. Note that excess Nitrogen will encourage foliage, not fruit! Low calcium and irregular watering will result in blossom end rot.


Row cover may be used for extra warmth and possible earlier fruit set.

Irregular watering can result in blossom end rot.

Plant deeply to encourage healthy root structure.

Indeterminate varieties may benefit from pruning suckers to encourage air flow, plant health, and energy towards plant top and fruit.

Trellis! We really like the Florida weave.