Tomato, 'Snow White'

A farm favorite both for their full-flavored sweetness and highly productive vines. Approx. 1” tomatoes that are not a true white but rather a creamy pale yellow when fully ripe. Very good acid/sweet balance and an excellent addition to mixed cherry pints. The vines are rampant and need good support and the yields are outstanding. Yet another tomato we grow every year and are so happy to have discovered. If you have wondered why you would ever grow a “white” tomato take our advice and just grow them! One of our longtime friends Rio, grew them and LOVED them for the first time a few years back. She was turned off by the idea of a white tomato but realized her folly as she was helping us harvest (& eat). Sweet and bursting with rich flavor!
Indeterminate.70-75 days. UO

Packet: 30-35 seeds

Product Code: TOM-SW-pkt

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