Tomato, 'Pinky'

A tomato has to taste very good. Full stop. But once that baseline criterion has been established we find ourselves drawn to the other special characteristics that set a truly great tomato apart. Hailing originally from Japan, Pinky is a fabulous tasting mid-sized cherry tomato: pinkish-red, firm, and fleshy with a very sweet, rich summertime flavor. But Pinky also has a superpower, and that is some of the biggest damn trusses you’ve ever seen! I’ve counted 60 ripe tomatoes on a single branched truss. Much like “Gardeners Sweetheart” they are very resistant to splitting, never really get “over-ripe”, and are thus are less demanding from a harvest perspective, perfect for allowing to fully ripen nearly to the tip for clipping whole trusses and selling “on the vine”. I don’t believe these are a true multiflora type which produce sprays of fruit like a bunch of grapes(and have historically unimpressed flavorwise). We are all really excited about this one at the home farm. Indeterminate.
75 days. UO

Packet: 30-35 seeds

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