Tomato, Paste, 'Northern Ruby'

This variety was handed to us by friend and seed steward Rowan White at a seed swap years back. Originally a Heintz variety, it was maintained by a Montana grower for over 20 years selecting for early maturity and a compact shape. In the field it often seemed as though there was more tomato than plant to them. The very short (2-2.5’) bushy plants are nearly solid bricks of fruit starting to ripen very early and continuing for us until frost or blight does them in. In drier climates I would grow them without support, but with our maritime moisture and blight pressure, we’d recommend doing your best to keeping them as upright as possible. The fleshy fruit purees to a very creamy sauce with classic paste flavor. Very rare. Determinate.
70 days. UO

Packet: 30-35 seeds

Product Code: TOM-NR-pkt

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