Tomato, 'Moldovan Green'

It’s high time we added more green tomatoes to our mix! Moldovan Green is not just a terrific green tomato but a wonderful tomato all around. In fact, when it came to fresh slice-salt-and-eat, straight off the vine, tomato-ing, just about everyone who visited us at the farm agrees: Moldovan is among the cream of the crop (yes, that’s right-we just used “tomato” as a verb). The indeterminate sturdy vines are loaded with 8-12 oz beefsteak type fruits that ripen perfectly in our climate, (remember our tomatoes are field-grown) and are wonderful slicers. Moldovan has a lovely lime green/golden blushed skin coloring and glowing green flesh with a taste that is very bright, mildly fruity, mild acid and very rich. As I edit this in mid-December when I can only dream of crates upon crates of tomatoes, the only thing left to say is, Grow Them! You will be happy you did. Promise.
75-85 days. UO

Packet: 30-35 seeds

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