Tomato, 'Manyel'

Manyel is not a new one to us but proved to be a real standout in our 2018 field with enticing flavor and heavy production well into the rainy weather. We were continually surprised every time we picked a crate and tasted it anew. For some reason, we did not remember how wonderful it is! A newer color in our mid-season slicer palate, Manyel delivers very attractive 8-10oz lemon yellow fruits borne on sturdy and compact vines. Low acid, typical of the yellows, and with an excellent, mildly sweet flavor, the fruits seem to have a bit of stuffing tomato in their lineage as they occasionally have a bit of a hollow cavity. A very attractive mid-season tomato. The name is said to mean “Many Moons”. Indeterminate.
75-80 days. UO

Packet: 30-35 seeds

Product Code: TOM-MY-pkt

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