Tomato, 'Italian Heirloom'

The gangly vines will grow 6- 8’ tall. They will be covered in flowers and hang heavy with green fruit. Big, 3/4 - 1+lb fruit. You will taste the first one and there will be no going back. Suddenly you will notice more flowers, more vines, and more fruit. You will get desperate. Friends will begin avoiding you and your, “gifts”. You will can every night and avoid the plants during the day. When you can no longer stand it you will return to find…more fruit!. They will give you no rest. You will never settle for less. They are that good. Large pear-ish/semi oxheart-shaped, red tomatoes are ideal for both slicing and sauce as they are very meaty and contain few seeds. Incredible flavor with just the right balance of acid and sweetness. Very early and productive for such a large variety. Long and rather willowy vines with slender leafing are normal for these. We usually prune tomatoes to 2 leaders but sometimes recommend leaving 3-4 for this variety, in order to provide better leaf cover and to avoid sun-scald on the fruits.
Indeterminate. 70-80 days. UO

Packet: 30-35 seeds

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Growing Info


Sow 4-7 weeks before your last frost date.

Transplant out after danger of frost (50+F nighttime temps).

Note: Don't start too early or plants will be leggy and root-bound! Tomatoes do well in clay to loam soils. 




18" spacing in rows 5' apart.


10-14 days @ soil temp 70-85F


Full sun


Medium-Heavy. Prefers well-drained, well-balanced fertile soil with a pH between 6.0-7.5. Note that excess Nitrogen will encourage foliage, not fruit! Low calcium and irregular watering will result in blossom end rot.


Row cover may be used for extra warmth and possible earlier fruit set.

Irregular watering can result in blossom end rot.

Plant deeply to encourage healthy root structure.

Indeterminate varieties may benefit from pruning suckers to encourage air flow, plant health, and energy towards plant top and fruit.

Trellis! We really like the Florida weave.