Sweet Pepper, 'Petit Marseillais'

(Capsicum annuum) Hailing from Provence in the south of France, this wavy, thin-walled, orange beauty was one among many of the stars of our pepper trial at the home farm. Amazing in terms of productivity, it seemed like every time we turned around it had a new flush of ripe peppers needing to be picked. The 4-5” long by 1-2” wide fruits look like something out of a Dali painting with their fantastical curves and wavy ridges. The flavor is extraordinary and more deep than purely sweet, reminding us of a rich citrusy chili whose heat you keep waiting for but never arrives. In Provence, they are picked green and sautéed whole in olive oil stuffed with eggs, garlic, gruyere, parsley, salt, and pepper. They also make fantastic picklers.
85 days. UO

Packet: ~30 seeds

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