Sweet Pepper, 'Jimmy Nardello'

*Ark of Taste Heirloom*
Sweet frying peppers brought to the states in 1887 from the village of Ruoti in Southern Italy. Shiny red, thin-walled, richly sweet, and perfect for roasting or frying (or just nosh them raw and see if you can stop!). Slather them on crusty bread or in sandwiches, use as a pizza topping, or serve with antipasti plates. Approx. 10” long, curved and tapered like a big Cayenne. One of our most reliable and productive field-grown sweet pepper for cooler climates. Grow under cover for earlier/heavier yields.
75-90 days. UO

Packet: ~30 seeds

No crop this year. Back in 2022.

Product Code: PEP-JN-pkt

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