Sweet Pea, 'Wiltshire Ripple'

(L. sativus) Wonderfully fragrant blooms boast elegant bright chocolate/burgundy flecking and picoteed edges on a creamy white background. A Spencer type with long cutting stems and deep fragrance, Wiltshire ripple was one of the first sweet peas I really fell hard for, discovered in a British garden magazine, and then grown on our farm about 5 years ago where it took our breath away. Since then we have had an almost comedic string of 5 years of failures with sourcing and producing seed, (mislabeled seeds one year from a company that generously replaced it the next year with... more mislabeled seeds, imported seeds seized and destroyed in US customs…). So, forgive us for feeling rather triumphant in offering it...After all that you are sure to love it too!
80 days. UO

Packet: 15 seeds

Product Code: SWP-WR-pkt

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