Sweet Pea, 'Miss Wilmott'

(L. odoratus) Mesmerizing, almost bicolor, pink blushed orange with dark veining that fades to an elegant salmon rose. We have an uncertain relationship with the color pink. Sometimes it works in a bold way and sometimes it falls flat in a cloud of cotton candy and My-Little-Pony tackiness. Miss Willmott resides decidedly in the former camp Released by perhaps the most famous sweet pea breeder of all time, Scottish horticulturist Henry Eckford, in 1900, Miss Willmott was at one time the most exhibited cultivar in England. Unlike the modern exhibition Spencer types which have, to some extent, sacrificed scent for stem length, bloom size, and showiness, Miss Willmott harkens from an era when scent was central to sweet pea charms. Very, very productive this old-fashioned sweet pea is among the most fragrant available.
75 days. LS

Packet: 15 seeds

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