Sweet Pea, 'Flora Norton'

(Lathyrus odoratus) While most of the attention on sweet peas these days lies with the big exhibition cut-flower Spencers, we do still love the old fashioned cultivars with their amazing fragrance and delicate flowers set amidst a graceful tangle of vines. Introduced in 1905, Flora Norton features lovely sky blue blooms, similar in color to the larger ‘Bristol’, but with all the elegance and subtlety of the grandifloras. Our love of sweet peas is endless. At the height of the season, we do try to take at least 5 minutes/day to simply sit. Alone. Luckily there are always many, many, many sweet pea rows to sit among. Very, very fragrant... among the very best.
80 days. LS

Packet 15 seeds

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