Sunflower, Mexican, 'Torch'

(Tithonia diversifolia) Look at you planting flowers for the Butterflies. And Bees. And Hummingbirds. You even remembered that the wee birds of fall need something to eat. You go. Your reward for such altruism? Flaming orange flowers on fuzzy branching stems that swing and sway to 5'-7’. That's what you get. Not that you expected anything in return. Oh no, beauty and kindness are their own reward. Blooms until frost. We've been growing this forever and this year we fell in love with it over and over again. Plants are even more graceful than you think and just loaded with brilliant blooms through frost. A must!
90-100 days. UO, TR

Packet: 50 seeds

Product Code: SUN-TO-pkt

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