Summer Squash, 'Odesa'

We first learned of this Ukrainian summer squash when our friend Mary, farmer for the acclaimed Willows Inn restaurant on nearby Lummi Island, asked us to help her find seed. The kitchen had grown fond of the variety for a dish they served, but the one commercial source in the US no longer carried it. Together we tracked some seed down and collaborated in hand-pollinating a crop to ensure an adequate supply for future seasons. Likely named after the city of Odesa (Одеса), a bustling port city on the Black sea near the mouth of the Danube, it’s a “cousa” type, a summer squash typical to the Middle East with pale green speckled flesh and a bulbous blossom end. Like others of its type, Odesa has a very thin skin and exceptionally creamy flesh, slightly sweeter than other types of summer squash. Plants are vigorous, bush habit, and very productive. We’re happy to reintroduce it to the market and love to see farm-based seed initiatives like this, preserving varieties when the commercial trade abandons them. It's become a favorite in our kitchen.
60 days. UO

Packet: 20 seeds

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