Spinach, 'Beaujolais'

A farm original and the first out-of-the-closet, open pollinated “red” spinach on the market. Beaujolais is a striking magenta-red veined spinach that is just beautiful in a salad mix or on its own. Its veins glow much in the way baby chards do but with a milder and sweeter flavor. Buttery tenderness at baby leaf stage when it should be cut. The red spinaches are not well suited to growing for bunching size as they have a tendency to bolt earlier than standard types. This said we have been surprised at how well they will size up into bunching greens if the spring/summer/fall is sufficiently cool and they access to water.
30 days baby leaf. UO *OSSI*

Packet: 200 seeds

Product Code: SPI-BE-pkt

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