Snow Pea, 'Schweizer Riesen'

We trialed this years ago on recommendation from our good friend Heather Tiszai, one of her favorites from the late Abundant Life Gardens, and have continued to be delighted by its vigor, sweet taste, and productivity year after year. Beautiful bi-color purple/pink blooms are borne on sturdy 6’+ vines. The seemingly endless harvest of snow peas stays tender and sweet even as the pods mature and swell. An heirloom native to Switzerland, the name translates as “Swiss Giant”. One of our tastiest snow pea discoveries. Trellis as these vines love to grow and grow and grow...(super fun for a child's hiding place)!!
65-70 days. FF

Packet: 1oz (~100-120 seeds)

Product Code: PEA-SR-pkt

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