Snow Pea, 'Ho Lan Dow'

Here’s a success of the NOVIC (Northern Organic Vegetable Improvement Coalition) trialing project whose goal is, in part, to increase availability of organic seed for varieties suited to organic production systems. In the 2013 Oregon pea trials they threw in a couple of snow peas to look at along with the snaps. Of the snows, Ho Lan Dow came out with the highest rating for flavor, coupled with excellent scores for disease resistance and yield. We’ve received requests for a smaller podded snow pea variety than Schweizer Riesen and here's a tremendous one!. Dwarf 2.5’ plants yield early and prolifically. While not necessary for the short plants, a minimal trellis always improves ease and quality of harvest. The seed is not widely available, and as far as we know, has never been available organically grown. Thanks to NOVIC for recommending this terrific pea! Support public seed research!
60 days. UO

Packet: 1oz (100-120 seeds)

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