Snap Pea, 'Sugar Snap'

Sugar snap needs no introduction! Bred by visionary pea breeder Calvin Lamborn at Gallatin Valley Seed in the 1970s, it introduced the public to a whole new class of pea, the edible-podded snap pea. Few even bother to argue that it is still the best tasting, over 40 years later. Vigorous 5-6’ vines start cranking out the peas just as “Cascadia” starts falling off. Early summer just wouldn't be the same without Sugar Snap. Due to years of neglectful production and processing, this variety had become heavily contaminated in the industry about a decade ago to the extent that we were seeing up to 30+% off-types (snow and shelly types) in what was commercially available. We did the work to shore up the purity of this variety years ago and have been reselecting annually since 2014. We're proud to sell what we feel to have been best seed available for the better part of the last decade. The variety's only weakness is a lack of resistance to mildew for areas where that is a problem.
70-80 days. UO

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