Siberian Yarrow, 'Love Parade'

(Achillea sibirica ssp camtschatica) AKA Kamchatka Yarrow. The Gorgeous pink blooms and bright green foliage of this less common yarrow are a delight. Continuing on with our relatively newfound love of everything pink, these dense clusters of 1/2" blooms feature blushed pink petals with pale yellow stamens! An "improved" garden selection developed from a species native to the far north-east of Russia, they are a very ornamental and cold hardy, 2-2.5’ perennial. Honestly we don’t know why you would need more convincing but...they are long lasting/stemmed  in a vase, in the garden through October, bloom first year, pollinator attractors, cold hardy, and dry splendidly. Perennial, first year bloomer.
120-130 Days. UO

Packet: 150 seeds

Product Code: ACH-LP-pkt

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