(Silene inflata) We are seriously charmed by this culinary oddity. Guaranteed NOT to be the next big thing anytime soon, Sculpit (AKA “stridolo”) is for the adventurous lover of the esoteric. An aromatic leaf-herb all but mostly unknown outside its native Italy where it is revered, it is used to season egg dishes, risottos, and salads with a flavor likened to a combination of tarragon, arugula, and radicchio. Very ornamental it has small unusually stunning balloon-like flowers fringed with white petals that pollinators go wild for. We loved watching the bees climb fully out of sight into the balloon part of the flower. Long stems beg to be in flower bouquets! Highly recommended, we love this plant! Cut young greens for herbs use or let grow to 1'5' for many long-stemmed flowers that have lovely pods thereafter.
Perennial. 60 Days herb/90 Days flower. UO

Packet: ~300 seeds

Product Code: HER-SC-pkt

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