Scabiosa, 'Sternkugel'

(Scabiosa stellata) AKA Paper Moons, Star Flowers. The flower of this Scabiosa species is a subtle beauty, a loose-ish affair of soft dusty blue outer petals with a cream flecked with pink ‘pincushion’ center. Then things take a turn for the wondrous. When the flowers yield to seedheads, the meaning of its name, German for ‘star-ball’, becomes abundantly clear. The seedheads appear as perfect papery spheres floating on long wiry stems, with the dimpled centers of each seed in the head revealing a perfect 5 pointed star. Indeed it is the seed head that this variety is best known for, and it is fantastic for adding a sculptural element of intrigue to arrangements. We love a single stem in a tiny vase or a dozen as a stand-alone bouquet. They are sure to draw appreciative comments. Essentially dry when harvested, they’ll last for months in a waterless vase.
95 days. UO

Packet: 25 seeds

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