Salvia, 'Texas Hummingbird Sage'

(Salvia coccinea) Scarlet red flower spikes open over a period of several weeks to adorn this open and airy sage. Attractive to their namesake hummingbirds, these are excellent insectary and nectar plants. Drought tolerant, 2-3', long-blooming through fall.
75 days. UO

Packet: 50 seeds

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Growing Info


Sow indoors 6-8 weeks before your last frost.

Transplant out after last frost.

Direct sow after last frost.

Note: Long-blooming and drought tolerant.


Surface sow or cover seeds very lightly


12-18" in rows 15" apart.


10-15 days @ soil temp 65-75F


Full sun


Average. Tolerant to most soil types but prefers well-drained  and evenly moist soil. Will tolerate some drought.


Loved by pollinators!

Pinch at 6" to encourage branching.

While not absolutely necessary, you may provide a staking or netting to keep them upright and tidy.

These are lovely in a bouquet but can drop their blooms quickly. Cut stems when 1/3 of flowers are open. The buds will continue to open.