Rudbeckia 'Prairie Glow'

Rudbeckia triloba, native to the central-eastern United States, is the wild, untamed cousin of the rest of the rudbeckias we sell. Rather than a tidy 30” tall rosette of orderly long-stemmed blooms (like the others), ‘Prairie Glow’ bursts forth in heavily branching tangles of wiry stems and 2” blooms, sometimes to 5’ in height. While the species is more commonly found with pure yellow flowers, ‘Prairie Glow’ instead features two-toned petals that fade from burgundy to yellow at the tips in various shades and proportions, with only an occasional plant showing pure yellow. In our area, it blooms in late summer right when seasonal bouquets start to call for its warm, transition-to-autumn tones. As a cut flower, it is usually cut in sprays rather than single stems. The Latin name triloba refers to the striking basal leaves which are deeply cut into 3 lobes.
120 days. UO

Packet: 100 seeds

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