Rapini, 'Novantina'

(Brassica rapa) Prized in its homeland of Italy and by chefs worldwide, this broccoli relative is a culinary treat. Rather then a central crown ala broccoli, rapini (aka broccoli raab) sends forth more graceful smaller and looser bud clusters. Plants branch extensively after the first harvest to yield loads of secondary bud stems. In the kitchen, lightly sauteed leaves, stems and flower buds are a delight with lemon, a sprinkle of salt and pepper and a drizzle of good olive oil. They are richer, wilder and more pungent in flavor than broccoli and much earlier from sowing to harvest. Known as "cima di rapa" in southern Italy, Novantina boasts good floret size, excellent branching, and productivity, while showcasing a first-rate flavor and milder, less assertive pungency then some varieties. Re-sprouts from early cuttings. Best sown in Spring and Fall. Italian cultivar.
40-45 days. WG

Packet: 1g (~450 seeds)


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