Pumpkin, 'Long Pie'

Long pie has been a top choice for pumpkin pie’s since before pumpkins were even round! This long cylindrical pumpkin, which looks more like an overgrown zucchini, was rescued from obscurity and near extinction by John Navazio, when he re-released it through the old Garden City Seeds of Hamilton, Montana. Its trajectory has been steadily upward since and it now has a devoted following among discerning farmers and market-goers alike, known for its sweet/savory depth of flavor and fine texture that makes for extraordinary pies. The vines are rampant and productive, with the squashes ready to harvest when the ground spot has turned bright orange but the squash is still mostly dark green. They turn completely orange in storage indicating peak flavor development. A trait endearing themselves to the serious squash grower is their “stackability” with the long uniform fruits lending themselves to efficient cordwood-style stacks in a corner of your pantry, mudroom, or commercial kitchen racking where they will last long into the winter.
95 days. TR

Packet: 20 seeds

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