Phacelia, 'Bee's Friend'

(Phacelia tanacetifolia) Ok. Yeah, yeah I know. Your Anise Hyssop attracts a lot of bees, and your Borage too. But honestly, you ain’t seen nothing until you plant a swath of this in your garden. Put in a clump of it and if there is a bee within 2 miles of your garden it will come, and if there are lots of bees living nearby….you will HEAR the patch 50’ before you get there. It’s ridiculous really. When we first started growing it, we actually started to worry at the farm that the other crops wouldn’t get pollinated because the bees were spending all their time in the Phacelia. It’s a lovely plant to boot, with lacey fern-like leaves and a fiddlehead of buds that unfurl with a succession of delicate lavender blooms. Attracts aphid-hungry syrphid flies in droves and functions well as aphid control when co-planted in alternating beds with blocks of brassicas. High-quality pollen and nectar. Flowers over a long period of time. Delightful. Wonderful. Love it. Makes a wonderful cut flower if, that is, you feel ok depriving all those lovelies of even a single drop...
75-85 days. UO

Packet: 250 seeds

Product Code: PHA-BF-pkt

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