Parsley, 'Mersin'

(Petroselinum crispum) Mersin is the modern name of a city and province in Southeastern Turkey, with a history of human activity reaching back to 6300 BC. Being the southern outpost of one of the few passes through the Tuarus mountain range, the area has been an important locus of cultural exchange between the Mediterranean lowlands and the Anatolian highlands, but also of military struggle and violence. Collected in 1948 near Mersin, which was then called Içel, by USDA plant breeder Jack Harlan and Turkish colleague Osman Tosun, this parsley has fine stems with delicate, fern-like leaves, and a lighter flavor profile than Italian flat. When 6 parsley varieties were taste tested in Portland, OR, Mersin was the overall favorite. The taster's notes describe it as aromatic and floral up front, with a touch of celery seed pungency from the leaf through to the tender stems. If you love cooking cuisines of the Middle East, you will be pleased with how this parsley works in your favorite dishes. Overwintered well in a harsh week of sub 20-degree lows without cover, and displays upright growth with many fine stems.
75 days. UO

Packet: .5g (~175 seeds)

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