Opinel Folding Knives

In France, Opinel is synonymous with pocket knives. They have been manufacturing their iconic numbered line of folding knives in the Savoie region since 1897. Our all-around utility/harvest knives of choice at Uprising, rarely a day goes by that a #8, #10, or pruning knife isn’t in our back pocket for the days of work putting together drip systems, setting up trellis line, harvesting greens, or pruning tomatoes and flowers. Comfortable in the hand with beech handles and a collar that swivels to lock the blade open or folded (pruning knife only locks in the open position). An attractive durable tool at a very reasonable price. Made in Chambery, France.

Note: We are offering the #8 and #10 in both carbon and stainless steel. If you are unfamiliar with carbon steel knives, they are made from a harder type of steel that both sharpens and keeps an edge better than stainless. They are however susceptable to rust if not taken care of properly, which mostly entails not letting them stay wet for prolonged periods and occasionally oiling them. Also in contrast to stainless, they "stain" over time and develop an attractive patina of use. This might sound fussy for a farm knife, but we use carbon knives at our farm and don't find that they require excesive care. Probably not the choice for 10-hour-in-the-pouring-rain harvest days though. Stainless steel (which is what most common knives are these days) has chromium added which makes it rust and stain proof, at the expense of some of the metal's hardness. We love them too and they don't require any special care.

#8 - 3 1/4" blade (7 1/2" full open length)
#10 - 3 15/16" blade (9" full open length)
#10 "Pruning" 3 1/4" hooked blade (8" full open length)

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