Nigella, 'Delft Blue'

(Nigella papillosa) In our fast-growing collection of nigella flowers, Delft Blue is the only one that is a mix of colors instead of any one distinct color. Very similar in habit and look to Exotica and with the same very decorative, magenta stamens, but with pure white, streaked blue, streaked purple, streaked grey and pure purple-colored flowers. Named for the Dutch Delft Blue pottery and absolutely as stunning from the time they make their fine foliage straight through to the ornamental pods. What’s lovely about nigellas is their versatility. They excel as cut flowers being both long-lasting in a bouquet (7-10 days) and in your garden. When their blooms are spent, the seed pods are equally as breathtaking. Like the rest of our nigellas, they are fantastic at attracting pollinators and can be used as an edible flower (the seeds are also known to be used but are not quite the same in intensity as Nigella sativa). Keep the flowers cut and they will bloom and bloom from early spring straight through fall. Approx. 24” tall.
65-85 days. UO

Packet: 100 seeds

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