Nigella, 'Black Cumin'

(Nigella sativa) Grown throughout the Middle East and also known as Blessed Seed, Herb from Heaven, Black Seed, Roman Coriander, Black Caraway, Black Onion Seed, Kalonji, Corek Otu, Ketzah, Chaveux de Venus, etc., and referenced in the Old Testament, ancient Islamic and Greek literature, found in Egyptian tombs... One of the most revered seeds in history and used today as a condiment and medicine (parasites, fever, water retention…) with enough uses to fill a large book. I encourage you to take a look when you have ample time to devote to the subject! Growing to a height of 8-12”, slightly bushy and delicate with white-whitish blue flowers complimented by slightly purple stamens and a lovely seed pod. Small And Mighty. Ethereally beautiful. Very aromatic seeds with a warming, exotic flavor that harkens to the cuisines of North Africa and the middle east. One of the seeds that got us started on our seed saving track, we have been growing this since before it could be found in practically any seed catalog. Still rare. While this plant is drought tolerant, it appreciates care while being transplanted and enough water to deal with the change.
60-70 days. UO

Packet: 100 seeds

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Growing Info


Sow indoors 2-4 weeks before your last frost.

Transplant out after last frost.

Note: Be gentle when transplanting. 






10-14 days @ soil temp 60-75F.


Full sun to part shade


Average. Prefers well-drained and evenly moist soil but will withstand drought after established.


Be gentle when transplanting!

Allow pods to dry on the plant for seed harvest.