Nicotiana, 'Peach Screamer'

(Nicotiana glutinosa) We love a good name and when we read a couple of seed growers in Oregon had given this species of nicotiana the nickname “Peach Screamer” on account of its flowers, that look like little screaming mouths, we knew we had to help make it stick. Native to western South America (Chile, Peru, and Bolivia) this nicotiana takes its Latin name from the sticky, resinous texture of its leaves and stems. Its very showy peachy/salmony flowers are more cup-shaped than its tube-flowered relatives and with an airier placement along the stem. Grew to 3.5’ with many stems for us but we’ve read that shorter, smaller plants might be more common. The Hummingbirds loved this one! Doesn't last as a cut, but a stunner in the garden
75 days. UO

Packet: 150 seeds

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