Nasturtium, 'Alaska'

(Tropaeolum minus) When we used to grow production salad mix, we always had a special mix for restaurants that was a little more work to produce but was just so beautiful with its diversity of shapes, colors, textures, and flavors. One of the cornerstones of the mix were the leaves of this variety. The shape alone of nasturtium foliage adds so much unique texture both in the garden and salad bowl, but the swirling, speckled galaxy of variegation found on each leaf of ‘Alaska’ is truly something special: an overlay of 3 or more shades ranging from creamy white through deep green, each one with a unique distribution of patterning. Like all nasturtiums, it brings a peppery cress-like flavor to salad as well as a spectacular visual presentation to a plate. The flowers (also, of course, edible) range through yellows, oranges, salmon, and deep red. Alaska has a tidier, mounding, bushy habit than the trailing types. Popular with chefs and highly recommended!
60 days. UO

Packet: 25-30 seeds

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