Lettuce, 'Winter Density'

This 19th century English lettuce is an almost universally popular classic and for a good reason. We like to think of Winter Density as a butterhead for the cold rainy months. Somewhere between a butterhead and romaine, it gets the best qualities of both: densely wrapped heads of tender leaves from the butterhead and elongated upright habit for good airflow and keeping it out of the mud from the romaine. Standing at about 8” it is a bit of a mini head, lending itself to denser plantings than full-sized lettuces. It’s a great choice to close out the lettuce growing season, hardy to light frosts, but shouldn’t be pigeonholed into that role as it is a great, bolt resistant succession cropper all season long. It does not tolerate heat during germination which triggers seed dormancy. UO

Packet: 1g (~800 seeds)

Product Code: LET-WD-pkt

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