Lettuce, 'Queen of Hearts'

Bred from a cross between 'Eruption' (one of our very favorite lettuces), a looseleaf, and an iceberg, 'Queen of Hearts' delivers everything we love about 'Eruption' in a denser, more compact package. Probably best described as a mini-butter-romaine, its heads feature stunning saturated burgundy outer leaves that fade to a green interior and then back to a strawberry core. The interior is a salad lovers dream with leaves small enough to be left whole, a gorgeous range of blanched green to red shades, a firm crisp midrib that keeps the texture interesting, and plenty of ruffles to hold onto dressing. Upright heads have more of a closed habit than many of the the mini-romaine 'gems' types. While the plants are fairly uniform, the variety is not yet stable for seed color so a mix of dark and light seed is normal. Uprising original variety.
50-55 days. UO

Packet: 1g (~800 seeds)

Product Code: LET-QH-pkt

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