Lettuce, 'Eruption'

(Lactuca sativa) A true mini volcano of a lettuce, Eruption displays Dark red tips over light green buttery-crunchy-romaine leaves, all wrapped around a pink magma core. Small “Latin” style heads, slightly larger than Little Gems, with an upright stature. This lettuce has been found to be resistant to multiple strains of Sclerotinia (Lettuce Drop), and Verticillium Wilt, in experiments by the USDA in California, and has been used to breed that resistance into Latin and Romaine lettuces. The pink core makes a stunning cross-section, perfect for a gem-type salad, and the flavor is that of a crunchy, sweet Romaine. A relatively recent Enza Zaden variety dropped into the USDA Germplasm Repository and plucked out by us in a scan of interesting sounding lettuces. Slow to bolt. *Word needs to get out about this variety! One of our absolute favorites and deserving of your attention.
28 (baby leaf) -50 days. UO

Packet: 1g (~800 seeds)

Product Code: LET-ER-pkt

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