Lentil, 'Black'

(Lens culinaris) We have fallen hard for growing lentils these past few years. While not as high yielding as their leguminous dry-bean cousins, if you have a bit of space to commit, we have found them very easy, reliable and rewarding in our cool maritime climate. Sometimes referred to as “the caviar of lentils”, this little black variety combines a wonderfully earthy rich flavor with a delicate fine texture. Retaining its black color through cooking, it makes for a dramatic presentation on the plate. “Poor man's caviar” perhaps but we prefer them to the latter. Growing lentils is fun! Spring sow. 2-2.5' tall.
100-120 days. UO

Packet: 1/2oz (~550 seeds)

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Growing Info


Direct seed mid to late Spring.

Note: Lentils are frost tolerant preferring cooler weather and well-drained, sandy, and evenly moist soil.




Sow 10-12 seeds per linear foot, thinning plants to 4-5" in rows 12-18" apart.


10 days @ soil temp 65-70F


Full sun


Low to average. Lentils prefer well-drained, sandy, and evenly moist soil with a pH between 6.0-6.5.


To increase yields in areas where lentils have not previously been grown, use an inoculant to introduce rhizobia bacteria into the soil.

While they will self support if grown in a block, you may provide a short trellis to keep them upright.

Keep em weeded! They do not play well with high weed pressure and will succumb.

Allow pods to dry on plant before harvesting.