Leek, 'Neptune'

As growers in the maritime northwest, we have seen an explosion of allium rust in the fields over the last several years, most notably in our garlic and leeks. What used to be a once-in-a-while problem has become an annual affair, and, as the problem seems to be here to stay we have started to seriously seek out rust-resistant cultivars. Bred in England for just that purpose, Neptune is an excellent multipurpose fall leek with strong straight shanks and attractive blue-green leaves. Resistance appears to be horizontal (broad) rather than vertical (absolute) so it is not immune to the rust, but it is a good start in addressing this new problem in allium production in our area. Its flavor and appearance are excellent, and in our experience, it overwinters well in our maritime climate.
110 days. AV

Packet: 100 seeds

Product Code: LEE-NE-pkt

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