Leek, 'Lincoln'

We grew this one on recommendation from a farmer friend who contacted us to see if we would produce seed as they were finding it harder and harder to get in the quantities they needed and feared it was on the verge of being dropped. We love these types of projects as there are so many worthy varieties that get phased out for the “new-variety-of-the-moment” (often hybrids) that the big breeders pitch at seed retailers. Lincoln is an admired leek that has been around for a while in the, early, tall & slender category. While it has largely been replaced by “King Richard” commercially, the latter doesn’t hold a candle to it when it comes to taste. While not one for extreme cold hardiness, Lincoln will provide some of the sweetest leeks of fall. A dual-purpose leek, it is also often grown in dense plantings for leek “scallions” for restaurants and specialty markets.
100-110 Days, earlier for scallions. WG, TR

Packet: 100 seeds

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