Larkspur, 'White Cloud'

(Consolida regalis) No ordinary larkspur, 'White Cloud', like 'Blue Cloud', grows in sprays rather than traditional spires and is therefore especially well-suited for use as a high volume low-density filler. Consider it flower and filler in one shining white, long-blooming package! 32” height and width at peak maturity, these perfect replicas of the larger larkspur flowers would be huge to a smaller animal (think mouse or fairy) and are perfect for those of you (like me) who prefer life in miniature. On a more serious note, they are gorgeous, and I can think of no good reason you should not give them a go. Easy to grow and care for, blooming from summer through fall.
**All parts of plant are considered poisonous if consumed by humans or livestock**
75 days. UO

Packet: 100 seeds

Product Code: LAR-WC-pkt

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