Larkspur, 'Blue Cloud'

(Consolida regalis) One of our longtime favorites that we've had the pleasure of growing for over 15 years now. You will be immediately taken by the cloudlike drama of this plant; Delicate foliage, profuse, rich purple/blue petite blooms, and a graceful and open growing habit. Flowers, like tiny delphiniums, form in sprays instead of one central stem and are Wonderful as a cut, continually reblooming on the same stem as the spent pods. Perfect for a fairy garden! 2-4' tall/wide. Pairs beautifully with Lime Green Nicotiana. This seed germinates best when given a 2wk cold treatment. Simply put the packet in a plastic bag or glass jar and refrigerate.
**All parts of plant are considered poisonous if consumed by humans or livestock**
75 days. TR

Packet: 100 seeds

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