Kale, 'Lapo' (Nero di Toscana)

(B. oleracea) Nero di Toscana (also referred to as Dinosaur or Lacinato kale in the US) has been consistently one of our best selling seeds every year we have been in business ! Thought by many to be the tastiest of the true kales, and due to its dark green color, likely the most nutritious. The variety type comes from the Tuscan hills of Italy, where it can be found in nearly every garden. The plants, with their long blistered dark green leaves, are beautiful enough to be found in formal flower gardens here in the states. We are working with to offer a highly selected version of what they consider to be the true form of the variety with shorter stalks, less branching, and slender leaves with fully curled margins. Like all kales, it becomes sweeter after frosts.
55-60 days. SMA

Packet: 200 seeds

 *This seed has tested negative for both Black Leg (Phoma lingam) and Black Rot (Xanthomonus campestris) as required by the WA Dept of Ag crucifer seed quarantine.

Product Code: SMA-LA-pkt

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