Poppy, Iceland, 'Pastel Meadows'

(Papaver nudicaule) After years of flower selection, we are thrilled to continually offer this diverse color population created from the popular commercial cultivar “Meadow Pastels”. There is nothing quite like Iceland poppies. Long stems, flowers like translucent stained glass, and more blooms then you will ever keep up with. The flower texture appears like crushed silk and the hypnotic sway of a patch in the slightest breeze will make you happy you planted them. Color range is from white, cream, yellow, orange, salmon, and rose. We always sow indoors in April, transplant out a few weeks later, and have blooms through July. A wonderful cut flower selected for long sturdy stems that last upwards of a week if cut in cracked bud stage and dipped in boiling water or seared. 16-20” stems. A bit of confusion as to their biennial/perennial classification but we’ve always grown them here as annuals with great luck!
60- 75 days. UO

Packet: 100 seeds

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