Hot Pepper, 'Sugar Rush Peach'

(C. baccatum) We’ve heard a lot about this pepper over the past couple years. An aji type bred in the epicenter of chili biodiversity…Wales (!), sugar rush has garnered a strong following for its beautiful color, spicy but manageable heat, and most notably its very sweet and citrusy flesh. Plants can grow 4-5’ and while slow to color, are extremely productive. Like many of the baccatum species peppers, they require a longer season, but we’ve found Sugar Rush Peach to mature in an average PNW season (whatever that is anymore). They’d benefit from space in the greenhouse in cooler areas. The sweet flesh brings a unique dimension to hot sauces and spicy ferments.
100 days. UO

Packet: 30 seeds

Product Code: PEP-SP-pkt

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